Artist Research Week 10

During my one to one crit I was offered two more artists due to their style, and simplicity. I have again been told how my work looks very simplistic, and it has made me question whether I am purposely doing this, or subconsciously. I do think it works well with how simple it is, as I have from the beginning, due to the fact that most scary things in nightmares are often simple things made complex in the way they manifest in our unconscious mind.

Juliao Sarmento (1948-)

Multimedia, painter

Mehr Licht 1985 by Julião Sarmento born 1948

Mehr Licht, 1985, Paper, printed paper and paint on paper, 220 x 281 x 12.5 cm

Known for his simplistic works this artist was suggested to me due to how simple some of his work is. I don’t like his most simplistic works as I found them too bare. I like and feel influenced by the one above due to how the couple is painted, I again like the markings, and I also like the sketchy look to some of the other parts included in this work.

Basquiat (1960-1988)



Flexible, 1984, Acrylic and Oil Paint on Wood, unable to find measurements

I love the rough background of this piece. I also am very influenced with how he draws his figures, and I actually feel my creativity flowing on how to portray my figures in another way now.


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