Sharon Kirkland Artist Talk

Sharon Kirkland is an artist who uses the basic ideas of Freud and Marxism to create works regarding the issues faced by feminists. She works using different materials, such as copies of Karl Marx’s manifesto’s and books, stuffed animals, clothing, drawings and textiles. Using this large range of materials she has created shows which reflects the issues on equality in a humorous way. During her talk she stated that even though Marxism failed in the past, she believes it is important to push forward and make it work in the future by rectifying the mistakes made. Through rectifying the mistakes made in the past, we can look forward to a fair and equal society.

I liked the humour she incorporates in her work, but I don’t think that anything she spoke about today can be connected to my own work. I do agree with her views on Marxism as I do think that it could work if done properly.


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