Artist Presentation Week 8

For my artist presentation I decided to talk about Louise Bourgeois’ work ‘This is it! That’s it!’, also known as ‘I’ve been to hell and back, and let me tell you it was wonderful.’


I have written briefly about this work before, but only from my own point of view about the piece, not really analysing it properly.

Of this work and her other embroidered works Louise has stated often that by stitching into her pieces she feels that she is fixing the problems in her life, stating that because she pushes her loved ones away she uses stitching to ‘stitch them back’ into her life.

This piece is written almost ironically, because it’s strange for someone to say that being in hell and coming back out is wonderful. Also, the fact that its blue also gives the idea that it might be a sad sort of irony.

It’s stitched into a handkerchief, so therefore being rather small, which makes me think that it’s not for public eyes, as if it’s her inner thought, idly written on a small piece of fabric near her.

Therefore I see this piece to be a rather sad piece, yet also quite inspiring as the idea of finding hell to be wonderful is almost like saying find the best of everything, even if its absolute hell to be in. I really connect to this piece on an emotional level, and find it very inspiring.


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