Artist Research Week 5

During my one to one crit this week, I was offered 3 artists to research to help me develop my work this term.

Ida Applebroog (1929-)



Jessika, 2007, mixed media on treated gampi, 40.6 x 27.9 x 3.5cm

Love the works involving haunting faces. Colouring and composition is very interesting. Gives me alot of ideas on how to portray nightmares.

Sue Williams (1956-)



Talk To Me: Communication 4, Two colour lithograph on Somerset satin, 18″ x 22″


Mom’s Foot Blue and Orange, 1997, Oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 8′ 2″ x 9′

Not really interested in subject matter, but I feel influenced by the marks in the first, and the hectic look in the second work. I think the hectic look could connect alot to the Autistic and ADHD symptoms of the brain never being able to stop thinking.

Emma Talbot




Don’t Walk On The Cracks, 2010, Watercolour on Paper, 24 x 35cm

In her work she uses colouring to set the mood for the piece, and I have already been experimenting with that, therefore I feel encouraged in this. I love the simple look of her work, and find it very effective in the message it tries to convey. I am influenced by this piece in particular because I like the dark look, and her signature style of an enlarged head. I also think that it plays on the superstition of not stepping on pavement cracks due to the idea of it being bad luck, which could be linked slightly to paranoia, therefore leading back to the mental problems I’m conveying.


Ida Applebroog

Sue Williams

Emma Talbot



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