Practise Exhibition Week 4

For my practise exhibition I didn’t have enough of my book finished so I decided to use a few sketches I have made already to give the idea of what the book will contain, concentrating on mental torment drawings and information on Autistic, ADHD and other mental problems. ADHD has often been compared to having a TV constantly switched on inside your mind so I actually used an image of a TV with commotion like markings in the background. TV static is also a fear for some people due to the movie ‘White Noise’ which featured ghosts controlling electrical appliances and making the TV show only static. ADHD is also known for being the ‘angry’ mental disorder so I created smeared finger prints in colours, red in particular to resemble blood, which look stark against the black card, with a faint image of a shouting mouth to reflect how my source expressed his concern over not being heard. The last two, orange and red card, are meant to reflect the childlike qualities of sufferers of Autism. They often get confused quickly which can cause distress and struggle to understand certain emotions, therefore fear social interaction.

I mostly received negative criticisms for my book and my sketches, as my fellow students agreed that for what I hoped to convey and the effect I want to achieve wouldn’t work in a small scale. However I was encouraged to continue with the ideas of mark making, the use of colour as an expression and the use of imagery faintly layered on top. I was offered advice to also carry on with my best achievements from last term, most of which were made using fabric. From this advice I have also decided to look less into painting literal images of mental disorder conditions, such as the TV and confusion pieces, as I realise that doing so has made me lose my focus of making less literal works.

IMG_20160128_114915 (2)

– Sketches used for Week 4 Exhibition


Information sources;


Autism –


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