Florian Roithmayr Artist Talk

Florian Roithmayr uses internships and apprenticeships as the main starting point for most of his work. Through these internships and apprenticeships he learns more about the materials he uses in his work, these include putting vinyl on cars and plastering. His work and interests tends to center around the process of replication and imitation.

He attributes his understanding to how materials form and work to his experiences in the internships and apprenticeships.In his experience of plastering he learnt different techniques and better ways of applying it. The practise of plastering also made Florian question different aspects of work he hadn’t before, including the space around the works and how to use it effectively.

He mentioned other artists who have inspired him, such as the artist Georges Didi-Huberman, an artist who looks at materials and imprinting. From this inspiration Florian has also practised engraving.

I found Florian’s presenting intriguing as I had never heard of an artist using internships and apprenticeships as a starting point, but I didn’t really feel influenced by him. I will, however begin to question my own work in how it’s spaced and presented due to his admission of its importance.


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