Sourcing My Inspiration

To help me develop nightmarish thoughts and fears into actual imagery I have decided to look at Serial Killer’s drawings, some of which are notorious for their dark, and often disturbing, pictures. Serial Killers are considered to be the real monsters in this world, so therefore by looking at works made from their thoughts I can see into the minds of the true monsters. I have looked at Ottis Elwood Toole and Henry Lee Lucas’ drawings which are considered to be especially disturbing due to the subjects eyes and colouring.


Ottis Elwood Toole’s drawings. Drawn using felt tip.

Ottis is a notorious killer and arsonist and is thought to have killed between 6 and 65 victims during his rampage from 1961 to 1983. I like how childish his drawings look whilst still being very disturbing. I also find it interesting how simplistic they look whilst still appearing to be something you’d see in a thriller movie. I have also noticed how they are primarily focused on the head, following the idea that the facial features are the most terrifying thing to see.

killerart_lucas (1)

Henry Lee Lucas’ drawings. Drawn using coloured pencils.

Above is a pair of works drawn by Serial Killer Henry Lee Lucas. Henry evaded authorities for 13 years whilst killing hundreds of victims, often alongside previously mentioned Serial Killer Ottis Elwood Toole. It is interesting to juxtapose these two Serial Killers’ images as they seem to deal with the same body part yet are drawn completely different. Whilst Ottis’ drawings are severely deformed in how the skull shape is drawn, Henry has drawn his deformed yet also quite close to the actual shaping a head should be. Both also use the teeth as a way to create a dark looking image, either by giving the subject a large smile, or by sharpening the look of each tooth.

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