Studio Week 1 Brainstorming

For next week read the Yves Alain Bois text that I have already sent you, for those who were not in today I want you to reworking something you made from last term, ideally something that you think you want to continue to work on and I want you to think about the term ‘operation’ from the Bois essay and use it as the means through which to rework your piece. It’s a very open project the aim of which is to dismantle, corrupt, take apart some aspect of your existing work.

Last term I was focused primarily on Fibromyalgia and how to present it in the most detailed way I could, therefore drawing the pain in literal terms clearly showing how it felt. I tried to include a lot of detailed drawings, and symbolism, and others were quite illustrative. For this project I want to dismantle the idea of it all being properly drawn out, and instead create works focusing on deformities and expressive mark making. By taking parts of my last project, in particular the bleeding effect on my bleached shirt and the stitched deformed body piece, I hope to create a work that develops on from the prim and proper drawings to expressive mark making paintings and monoprints.

I also plan to develop further on the subject matter by focusing on mental torment to distance myself from the physical struggles found internally. I am also considering  looking into conditions such as Autism and ADHD which can cause mental problems to help source my inspiration. Primarily I aim to focus on nightmares and fears, which everyone can relate too, whether disabled or not, therefore bringing everyone together in a subject we all share. I want to experiment with simple works as it’s often the simple things that scare us, and also the deformed things which are also very common in people’s nightmares.

I also want to experiment further on how I display my work, especially whilst taking into account the advice I received from my last project’s final presentation, stating that it looked sketchy.

I am fascinated with the idea of developing this project into a book so it becomes interactive, much like my Christmas project.

10 words to help with imagination; Fear, terror, deformity, silence, fire, psychological, trauma, disturbing, discomfort, eyes.

Brainstorming ideas;



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