Christmas Project


In each box you are paired up with another student, each pair look at each other’s blog and make a work in response to your fellow student blog. The aim is that you look at their work and make an interpretation of their ideas and their artwork using any media you want, your work should not be a copy instead it should be an imaginative re-interpretation of your fellow students ideas.

For this project I was paired with a fellow student called India Jones. Her work consisted with gender stereotyping and how children are ‘trained’ to confine to their own gender to fit in society. Her final piece consisted of a little boy surrounded by barbie adverts, a brand aimed specifically at girls. From this I got the idea to take this way of fitting in society and make it ironic. I designed a pair of books, handbooks to becoming the perfect member of society as seen through celebrities as our role models. The aim of these books were not to be insulting, but to be a parody of society and to point out its faults in a funny and undiscriminating way.


India Jones’ major piece for her gender stereotypes project.

Made using black cotton and card, these books feature how to look, including the face and body, and how to live, including the crippling debt many celebrities suffer from after their life of excessive spending.

For this mini project I decided to make little books because I am considering making a book for the next part of my project. I also love how they can be so interactive with the viewer, therefore making it much easier to connect and leave an impression.


Images of India Jones’ work;


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