Erica Scourti Artist Talk

Erica Scourti’s work asks a series of crucial questions. How does technology, more specifically social media, influence our understanding of identity and individuality? Where does our society live in an online environment where our lives, our data, is tracked and our behaviour is manipulated and controlled? Is it possible to maintain identity, and originality in an institution where everyone’s photos look pretty much the same? Scourti’s work asks these through a series of films, often collaborating with other artists and online communities.


‘For this film, Scourti fed a archive of personal photos, love letters and other memorabilia into Google’s Search By Image engine, which were then matched to other photographs with similar visual footprints. She then entered into an exchange with their authors to tackle what value a snapshot might have once absorbed into a large cloud of image data’

‘So Like You’ 2012

Imagery and brief description from;

citizen choice

Positive influential podcats covering everything from abundance to successful relationships, are cut together and accompanied by stock videos to tell a story of freedom of choice, and self-actualisation in todays consumer society.

‘Citizen Choice’ (2010) 5 minutes 33 seconds

The film is able to be viewed online via;


Artist Talk at Reading University 25/11/15


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