Nicholas Byrne Artist Talk

Byrne works from drawings he has created, then makes them into a more dominant style, either through wire or paint. His works vary in size, from 50cm paintings, to large installation pieces. When painting he uses a wide range of materials, including oil paint on linen and plexiglass.

His main influences are patterns and textile work, whilst his main concepts are images and gestures.


Considered to be more of a portrait, positioned to stand with head at the same height of average sized adult. Painted on unstable supports, so as to appear flimsy.

‘Untitled (Boy)’ (2007) Oil on Linen on Board on Wooden Supports 173.5 x 57cm

Photograph is from;


‘Illustration of ‘sinuous’ line which is constituent element of the Rococo Period.’ Inspired by Hogarth’s writing on sinuosity, ‘leading the eye in a kind of chase’

‘Hosier’ (2010) Oil on Linen 140 x 70cm

Photograph is from;


Artist Talk at Reading University 28/10/15


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