Studio 22nd October 2015 Source Material Feedback and Development

Following the feedback to follow the idea of ‘symbolism’ in my work, I decided to deviate from my small sketches towards a larger piece. I painted 3 canvases, each with a reference to Fibromyalgia, which all connected through colour and forms of media.

For the first one I took on the idea of how it feels to have the pain in the arms. To better emphasise the pain on the arms, I stitched the bones of the hand and lower arm.

2015-11-25 16.02.21

First Piece

The next piece was to feature the exhaustion and inner turmoil caused by fibromyalgia, so I decided to recreate one of my images completely and painted the almost bruised eyes.

2015-11-25 16.02.59

Second Piece

For the last piece I decided to embroider a quote I have lived by since my diagnosis. Quoted from Winston Churchill, the quote goes; ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going’. To emphasise the words more,I enlarged the ‘keep going’ to stand out from the rest.

2015-11-25 16.02.01

Third Piece

Looking back to the modern art reference I chose, Louise Bourgeois, I made sure to connect to her still, by using her signature of embroidery as way to fix things as an ironic gesture. I instead used it to emphasise my broken parts, whilst again using it on a quote which on some days holds me together.



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