Ciara Healy Artist Talk

A curator, critical writer and internationally renowned for her Book Art work, Ciara Healy is predominantly influenced by the natural world, in and around her work. Her works consists of photography, prints, drawing and sculpture. Previously being an archivist, she uses her own experiences to aid her own artwork. Through her degree show, held at National History Musum, she gained experience in the different ways of displaying and presenting work, learning how the slightest difference of display can change or add a meaning depending on the placement of the work. Due to this experience, display and curating has become Healy’s main component in her work.



The clustered yet arranged composition of this work, presented against a wall, allows the viewer to follow the imagery as if it was telling a story. The imagery tells the viewer what to see, rather than letting the viewer decide what to see.


By being placed on plinths evenly spaced apart it allows the viewer to become intimate with the work, giving the piece a personal feel. The shadows created are also emphasised by the placement.

I feel influenced by Ciara Healy due to her emphasis on how placement and display affects the work. I hadn’t realised how a setting can change a work significantly, and will take this on board in the future.


Artist Talk at Reading University 14/10/15

Photo’s are taken from Retrieved 14/10/15



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