Artist Research

Artist Influences;

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) – Known for painting self portraits, she often depicted her pain in the literal sense. An example of this, and the most influential to me, is her piece, ‘The Broken Column’. Following a bus accident in 1925 she was often in pain, and it has often been suggested that the bus accident could have triggered her to have Fibromyalgia, explaining alot of her painful symptoms.

Tracey Emin (1963-) – Also known for her deeply personal works, Emin often depicts her own emotional pain caused by her tumultuous childhood. Often deemed to be ‘confessional’ art, her oeuvre encompasses a vast array of mediums. The piece I find to be the most influential to me is the embroidered work titled ‘Broken World’, which features a look into the thoughts of a sufferer of depression.

Jenny Saville (1970-) – Known for her realistic paintings, Saville often depicts women in a deformed and/or fleshy position, rather than the traditional sense of glorifying them. Her piece named ‘Rosetta 2’ is the one I find most influential. Painted in oil the woman depicted is blind, giving the beautiful painting a sense of anguish. This play on irony is what I hope to achieve in some of my works.

Hans Bellmer (1902-1975) – Working across numerous mediums, Bellmer is known for creating and photographing human bodies in strange positions and situations, the most popular being his ‘doll’ pieces which featured the female human body built with two torso’s. The works that influence me the most in this project is his untitled photographs of the artist Unica Zurn, featuring her partly dressed/naked body wrapped up tightly in wire. This uncomfortable look reflects the uncomfortable feelings often associated with Fibromyalgia.

  1. Frida Kahlo ‘The Broken Column’ (1944)

  2. Tracey Emin ‘Broken World’ (2009)

  3. Jenny Saville ‘Rosetta 2’ (2005)

  4. Hans Bellmer ‘Untitled (Unica Zurn)’ (1958)

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