Source Material Brainstorming

Title; Self Destruction

5 Sentences for Proposal;

The line of enquiry I wish to follow is making the hidden illness, Fibromyalgia, more known. I wish to follow this because I, myself, have this illness and I feel that there is not enough awareness. To make the illness more known, I wish to create a dark, captivating piece, from a range of different mediums, and angles of the illness. I aim to not only show the dark effects, but also aim for people to feel the pain through the use of embroidery for certain parts of the body, creating the sense of being stitched into themselves. This will connect on some level to my Making A Lot From A Little piece, as my reasons for refusing to show the bad side of how I came to own the duck, are linked to Fibromyalgia.

10 Words; Pain, Hate, Anxiety, Hidden, Sharp, Torment, Shock, Weak, Fog, Thick

Brainstorming the symptoms, and related artists of Fibromyalgia to come up with ideas.

2015-11-27 09.30.20


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